Rosie Munro Kerr


I make sculptural assemblages of things and objects that are sometimes electric, mechanical or performative in function.

I am interested in how the production of objects aids our mediation and consumption of the landscape and biophysical environment.  This environment of objects is in a state of constant flux.  It’s decentralised and constantly adapting, as we consume, buy more, make more and discard things.

‘Made’ objects include anything that requires some degree of intervention or creation to come into existence.  They can include handmade, technological or machined objects, reproduced, replicated or collected objects. I am interested in the mutability of made objects: the machined but with signs of a human maker; the skeuomorph that masquerades as an authentic other; the disposable object that is sacrificial to something precious, naturalistic objects collected and decontextualised, and fabricated or falsified ‘nature’.

Increasingly I inhabit the role of the collector, mediating and marking my environment using the objects around me.

24th July 2020.