Rosie Munro Kerr

GIF GARDEN (2020 - ongoing)

From the top: dandelion, tansy ragwort, oxeye daisy. MP4s of animated GIFs loading on webpage after refresh. 

The GIF Garden revolves through glitchy iterations. Individual images appear and disappear as they try to load on a webpage, hindered by the size and quantity of the files, the limit of my bandwidth and the speed of my computer. 

The animated GIF is a simple yet limited solution for serving small-scale and often graphical, animated content online. Colour palettes and the number of frames are restricted to save space and increase loading speed, but if these limits are stretched the format misbehaves.

The GIF garden is made using the original source images of wild plants collected for the Early and Midsummer Plantscapes (Digitally Cultivated Weeds). Repeated versions of the same GIF create a repetitive plant monoculture that gradually emerges and comes to life.