This Sensation As Binary. 2015

Spotlight, solar panel, LED strip, microcontroller, light sensor, tubing, components, steel.

MFA degree show exhibtion, Wimbledon College of Art. June 2015.

This Sensation As Binary is a cyclical system that standardises the sensory information of its environment, responds to this information and affects sensory change.

This is an organic electronic system that measures and affects change in its surroundings; a symbiotic and conditional product of maker, process and biophysical environment.

Constructed from two independent systems I have created a wider network of cause and affect where each part of the system influences action in the next. A spotlight focuses light onto a solar panel that provides power to the main structure of one hundred meters of LED strip. Sensory information on the fluctuations in ambient light is recorded and projected through the structure which in turn emits its own light according to the environmental information received.

The information received from the sensor is translated through a microcontroller to project a digital interpretation of ambient light through the structure of LEDs, as experienced by the viewer. Through the process of translation sensory informtaiton to digital output there is necessarily information lost and transformed and what is projected in the LEDs is not equal to the ambient light experinced by the viewer. The light produced is dim as the light is dependent upon the ambient conditions of its surroundings, a balanced system that is sustatined by the environment in which it exists. Yet imbalanced as information is mistranslated and lost.

As the system runs it produces light which in turn affects the information received by the sensor and thus feeds back into the system forming a cyclical loop of cause and affect. The system responds to its environment and thus is dependent upon each specific environemnt for the exact pattern of its behaviour. In turn, the system feeds into this environment, adding light thus existing as a contributor to the constant state of environmental flux.